Monday, 10 December 2012

It's Christmasssss!

Just a short post today to use the famous words of Slade "It's Christmassss!" and their song title, from everyone here a Teresa Crafts we would like to say "Merry Christmas everyone". 

It seems everyone is busy with their Christmas preparations whether its shopping or making crafts and gifts its a busy time of year. Its a time to reflect and enjoy family and friends, looking back on the recent Guest blogs from Creating and Baking and Clare's Cards and Other Bits it was the start of something we are hoping to build on and have more post from other crafty bloggers in future. So if there are any crafty bloggers out there who would like to become a guest blog then please let us know via email, find us on Facebook or leave us a comment.

Well that's all from us just now and we hope to see you back soon!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Guest Post from Clare's Cards and other crafty bits

Fun with Artist Trading Cards

Guest Blog Post by Clare Hunt - Clare's Cards and other crafty bits

Hello, my name is Clare and I am medically retired and spend a lot of my time trying to be creative.  

I would like to share with you my love of ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). These cards are 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches pieces of art. 

I am always looking for different creative avenues and was introduced to
ATC's a few years ago. I trade with people all over the world, I have
over a 1,000 cards so far in my collection. They take very little room
up for storage and are traded freely between people (just cost of post). 

I would like to share with you a few vintage themed ATC's I made recently. I
tend to set myself a theme and do a collection, I always make each one


You can find more about Clare on her Facebook page Clares-Creations

Monday, 19 November 2012

Guest Post from Cards, Cakes & Bakes

My Very Own Tags of Christmas

Guest blog post by Louise Houghton

Ramblings of a non-blonde blonde. Much more fun than dust busting!

I was inspired by the god of grunge himself, Tim Holtz, quite early into my crafting obsession,sorry, hobby and I love giving the old and shabby look to a lot of the things I create.

I have recently posted on my Facebook page all the journals and note books I have made for people; here you will see the range of techniques I use to give that vintage look along with other ideas of texture plus embellishments - let me know what you think by posting a comment. You can also find me on Twitter at @cardscakesbakes.

I am busy making and creating for the Christmas Craft Event in December I will be taking part in, eeeek - very excited already and here are some of My Very Own Tags of Christmas that will be on my table.

My Very Own Tags of Christmas

Tags of Christmas made from post cards and luggage tags using anything from Tunnocks teacake wrappers, Tim Holtz bingo stamp and die cuts from My Minds Eye, Echo Park and home made candy cane toppers

I am very excited to be already getting ready for the festive season. Preparations begin in earnest as soon as I get my copy of Country Living for inspiration and ideas! Some of you will have seen my Christmas Countdown banner I have made for my two boys, and December 1st cannot come quick enough for us to be able to pin it up on the mantle!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A simple guide to paper and card sizes

Its hard to know where to start when choosing your card and paper supplies for projects whether your scrap booking, card making or making invitations. With so many different choices available to you, we thought we'd help you out with our handy little guide

Paper/Card sizes


Paper or Craft Card sizing can be confusing but once you know what to look for you'll have no trouble choosing the right size for your projects. The 'A' system is fairly straightforward and so long as your remember 'the smaller the number the bigger the paper' then you can't go far wrong.

Here is a look at the most common sizes:

The sizes start at A0 and then get smaller as if you've folded the paper in half.

Card Blank sizes

When it comes to card blanks, the size given is it's folded size - i.e. the face or front of the card. 

For example: An A6 card blank is card with the size of the front being A6 (10.5cm x 14.8 cm) but the card is made from a piece of A5 card.

Other sizes include square cards whose sizes come in cm or inches like our  3' x 3' square cards.

Envelope Sizes

If you are wanting to put your cards into envelopes then these so the 'C' system which relates to the A system above but are slightly bigger to allow room for the card to fit into the envelope.

For example: An envelope for an A4 card would be sized as C4.

Square envelopes are size to give the card room as above. This also goes for cello bags too which are sized to allow room to fit your card inside.

Need Help? 
If you need any help with your card making and paper crafting supplies then please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or through our website


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What a busy month!

I can't believe where the time has gone since our last post. Since then we have change ownership and we are expecting exciting times for Teresa Crafts. We have been busy growing our Facebook fan base which has now reached over 200 fans and we have reach over 10,000 hits on our website resulting in September being our busiest month with 6 orders so hopefully this is a shape of things to come for Teresa Crafts. 

As well as growing our on line retail site we have been busy with getting stockist of our ranges, so keep an eye out at our local craft superstore are we may well soon be there.

Are speciality lies in our range of Card Blanks. All our card blanks are pre-cut, pre-scored pieces of card stock made from British Vanguard Card, they are available in a different range of colours, sizes and edges. They are especially useful for anything from Wedding invitations to Christmas cards.  Created in no time and they all come with envelopes too, some even come with free shapes! Our range is ideal for creating unique, impressive greeting card projects that call for the very best blank cards available.

Here are current best sellers:   

C5 Black Envelopes 40 pack £2.35 These envelopes are 100gsm sized as 11.4cm x 16.2cm

C6 Black Envelopes 25 pack £1.25 These envelopes are 100gsm sized as 15.1cm by 21.6cm

These are high quality British made Cards with envelopes. Cards are 240gsm with 100gsm envelopes these are pre-folded blank cards suitable for any type of card making. they even come with 5 free shapes worth £1.35.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Being Social

So we've been busy this past week updating the website with some new text and better descriptions of who we are. The website, facebook site and blog are now all linked together to some extent, we've also updated the profile information on these  platforms too, we have even started on twitter,  this has seen our website visits to reach the 6000 mark.

Working out what you should write, when and how often appears to be a skill and a job in its own right but its a learning curve to see what works best. This is all about getting people to find your website and making sure the search engines find your pages. It is a matter of moving forwarded and adding to the different platforms and growing the audience, the next step is to start a newsletter and also maybe start linking crafting tutorials to the website with a shopping list of what is being used to help you crafters.

So enjoy the long weekend and until the next time, take care.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Just an update!

Having thought we were making a good start the number of visitor was going up, and 3 people had created an customer account and taken two orders, the number of visitors started to go down and nothing happen. We took another order today which was good but the numbers aren't anywhere near what they where.

Therefore we have started to add the product pages on to our Facebook page to see if this has an effect. Also been responding to some posts of the craft forums (some which have been removed as we still haven't fully understood when we can promote our website and when we can't) so we'll see if this is going to have an impact.

Unfortunately we are going to put the orders on hold temporary as my business partner who deals with the stock and sends out the orders is going into hospital and will be out of commission for a few weeks. Which will hopefully give me a chance to expand the website development, we need to have a share and links to the social media sites.